Summer Album Update

Summer Album Update

While we figure out just how many words we can make and use up all the letters in a alphabet sticker set, let’s switch gears for a moment and talk summer to-do list:

How has your summer been going? Ours is off to a pretty rocking start, if I do say so myself. We headed to Niagara Falls after the Fourth of July, and explored Old Fort Niagara while they had a re-enactors encampment. The kids loved it!

These are the first two pages that will go into the Shutterfly book I’ll be printing after the summer is over.

OFN pics

OFN Journaling

I like to keep things simple when creating a digital page. I find the extensive layering and embellishments that is so common in scrapbooking right now to be overwhelming on a digi page. An embellishment or two, some lovely patterned papers, and I’m good.

If you want to create your own Shutterfly book like this, you can find the templates I created here.

Notice the margin around all the elements on the photo page? That will be cut off when Shutterfly prints the page. Make sure you keep those guide lines visible, so you know where your printed page will be trimmed!

How are you documenting your summer? Are you crossing items off YOUR to-do list?


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