Stuck on Grids

Stuck on Grids

Design doesn’t have to be hard. Why is it, that as scrapbookers we try to make our hobby more complicated than it needs to be?

One of the simplest designs to use, that works over and over again, is the grid design.

It works because it gives your page very strong structure, with lots of implied and even visible line. It works because you don’t trap white space, and have consistent margins throughout your layout. In some cases, it even helps you include the rule of thirds on your page. (The rule of thirds, in case anyone is interested, is the theory that if you picture a tic tac toe frame superimposed over your photograph or page design, the focal point should be at one of the places where the lines intersect. This helps make your photo or page more interesting and dynamic.)

How about, rather than telling you all about how wonderful grids are, we just look at some examples, shall we?

DYL title page ||

This was created for the first online class I took–Cathy Zielske’s Design Your Life class over at Big Picture Classes. (Life changing class by the way. If design confuses you or overwhelms you, you need to take CZ’s class. It’s excellent!) Simple nine square grid. Very strong structure, no trapped white space, and even margins. The flower and quote become a focal point because they are closest to one of the intersecting grid lines.

fabulous 5 ||

You don’t necessarily need to have a photo or piece of patterned paper in each square to be a grid. This page lets the center square be the focal point, and the lack of actual squares doesn’t make the structure any weaker.

joy ||

You also don’t have to have a nine square grid. You could have a four square grid, or even a 49 square grid. What makes a grid so flexible is that the basic structure is so strong. The rule of thirds is more likely to be used when you aren’t using a nine square grid. Above, you’ll notice the eyes for both kids is about where the imagined tic tac toe grid lines intersect, and the title of the page below is also partially on one of those imagined line intersections.

so many reasons ||

Your grid doesn’t even have to cover the entire page.

Mom will you help me build ||

A partial grid can be a great way to get a lot of photos on a page, and still have a strong design.

sand people ||

A grid also doesn’t have to be straight. Give it a little twist, and you’ve added a whole new batch of fun to your layout.

Don’t you just love how versatile a grid based design is on your scrapbook pages? It really does give your layouts a strong foundation, while giving you room for creativity.

How often do you use grids? Have any you’d like to share?

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