Sharing Some Sparkle

Sharing Some Sparkle

Today’s giveaway is a video tutorial about pearl powders. There are two major sources for pearl powders: Ranger Industries, and Jaquard. I use both in the video, although I do use more of the Pearl Ex powders from Jaquard, simply because that’s what I have more of. The major difference in the two brands is the formulation. Ranger’s Perfect Pearls has a binder mixed in that allows you to just use water to adhere your pearl powder. If you use Pearl Ex you need a binder, like Ranger’s Perfect Medium, or a liquid glue, or gum arabic.

I hope you find the video fun and useful! There are four ways you can add shimmer to your pages in this tutorial. It’s slightly less than 15 minutes, and, since it is on Vimeo, you can download it for later viewing if you so desire.

Pearl ex powder page from Heather Dubarry on Vimeo.

I’ll be back tomorrow with another giveaway for you!

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