Sharing a Little Blog Love

Sharing a Little Blog Love

My friend Kristie over at Artful Adventures gave me some love last week, by awarding me with a Liebster Blog Award. (If you haven’t visited Artful Adventures yet, check it out. There are lots of great ideas there for getting creative with your art supplies.) Thank you so much for thinking of me Kristie!

liebster-award-300x143What’s a Liebster Blog Award? It’s an award given by bloggers to other, small blogs. It’s a way to share blogs that people may not have discovered yet.

How does it work? First, someone nominates you. Once you’ve been nominated, you pay it forward by giving the award to five blogs that you like that have few followers (under 200) to encourage new visitors to visit these blogs. Make sure you thank the person who nominated you, and link to both the original person who nominated you and five new blogs.

Kristie from Artful Adventures nominated me, and if you haven’t checked out her site yet, please do. There’s so much fun art-y craft-y goodness there you’re sure to find something inspiring there.

My nominees:

Monica at Scrap Inspired. Monica has a fresh and inspiring voice, and lots of great ideas for getting pages done and stories told.

Laurie at Scrapping Tales. Another fun source for crafty ideas.

Jennifer at Caffeinated Papercuts. Jen’s primarily a card maker, and has some lovely designs that she also sells in her etsy shop.

Leah at Art Craft & DIY with Leah. Lots of inspiring ideas with a non-scrapbooking bent, plus she’s got this awesome and fun project generator.

Tom at Building a Library. Totally not craft related, but I LOVE children’s books. His reviews are epic.

I hope you find these people as fun and inspiring as I do.

(And nominees, feel free to pass this on and nominate more blogs if you want. It’s always good to find and share new blogs!)

What do you think?