Prepping for a Big Project

Prepping for a Big Project

Last week, I began a huge project. (And no I’m not talking about rearranging my craft room!) Last week I joined the Project Life/Pocket Page/Capture Your 365 bandwagon.

I’ve tried this before, and only managed to get through 2 months before the weekly printing thing pushed me over the edge.

Knowing that, I’m setting up a few processes that hopefully will help me keep the momentum going. I’ll get into that more next week.

More importantly, knowing WHY I want to do this should help keep me going, and keep me motivated when the occasional frustrations set in.

And my reason(s) why?

This kid grew 3 and a half inches in the past nine months.

This kid grew 3 and a half inches in the past nine months.

I’m living in a season of change. My children are growing so fast, it feels like they’ll be out of the house before I barely get used to having them around.

Being a parent is such a privilege. Watching my boys become young men is a gift I cherish everyday. And the details of our day to day lives are changing in subtle ways all the time.

I want to write down and photograph these details, so I don’t forget them all. (Forgetting most, I’m okay with, but I want to remember at least some of the little things!) I want to treasure the moments we have together as a family, because all too soon the boys will be moving on to their own lives.


That’s my why. At least for this project. There are a lot more reasons I scrapbook, but that’s the important one for now.

As far as getting my product all ready to go, I’ve got all my journaling cards handy, and a three ring binder preloaded with divided page protectors. I’ve even gone through my stash, and pulled out patterned paper that’s got journaling cards printed on them, and cut those apart and added them to the pile. I’ve probably got enough cards on hand to do two years worth of pocket pages. That’s okay. I may decide to do two years of documenting. Who knows? Maybe I’ll do this until the kids leave for college!

I’ve got a pack of photo paper for printing, and a template for printing multiple photos on one sheet of paper. I’ve even got a template for printing a bunch of 2×2 pictures on a 4×6 piece of photo paper. You can download the templates below:

letter size multi 4x6 collage

4×6 photos on letter size paper

4×6 on letter size paper

4x4 and 3x3 collage

square photos on letter size paper

square photos on letter size paper

2x2 photos on 4x6 paper

2×2 photos on 4×6 paper

4×6 photo collage

For the most part, I’m playing this by ear. I’m not sure how this is going to go, but I know it’s something I want to do. I sort of like this sense of wonder and insecurity. I’m finding it very inspiring!

How many of you out there are on the daily photo/ Project Life bandwagon? Do you have any tips you’d like to share that help keep you motivated and on track?

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  1. Well, I started CY365 in January, did well through Feb and then sort of went sketchy with it since. I’ve taken photos many, if not all, days, but the prompt seems forced sometimes. I think I just need to take a photo of whatever strikes ME on any given day even if it doesn’t match the prompt and be satisfied that I’ve documented the day. Good luck with your project!!

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