Playlist Your Life

Playlist Your Life

Yesterday’s prompt was all about making playlists. Did you used to make mixtapes back in the day? I made a lot. Presents for friends. Mixes for car trips. Playlists to help me concentrate while studying. It was fun!

For the prompt, I made a playlist to remind me of the stages of my life so far. As I was going along, and reminding myself of all the great music I’ve listened to over the years, I came to the conclusion that one playlist is not enough.

playlist ||

I’d really like to create playlists for each season of my life, as I remember it, and make pages to go along with it. That however is a task for another day. Let’s at least finish the highlight reel!

playlist in action ||

When I started creating this page, I had just bought a new set of Project Life cards to share with my sister. The happy colors seemed like the perfect complement for the memories I wanted to record.


Each card represents a single song on the playlist, and is taped down with washi tape, that acts as a hinge. This is a very interactive page, and there’s also a playlist that anyone can listen to online at (You can find it here: Memory Lane.)

Do you have a playlist for the soundtrack of your life? Why don’t you make one? You’ll be surprised at how well it works together I bet, and how inspiring it is for stories to include in your scrapbooks.

What do you think?