Pinterest is a great source for inspiration. If you’ve already discovered it, you know what I mean.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Pinterest, it’s an online, visual pinboard that you can sort into categories, and use to catalog and curate online images and their sources. You can find me there as Heather Dubarry on Pinterest.

One of the things I love to gather on Pinterest are non-scrapbook related images that could possibly be used as starting points for scrapbook pages. I find a lot of the images to be scraptastic: fantastic scrapbooking inspiration sources.

Let me show you what I mean:


This is a gorgeous print of an oil painting done by Siiso that I found on Pinterest ages and ages ago. I loved the textures and the colors and the huge amounts of white space, so I pinned it. A few months later I made this page based on it.


As you can see, I tried to mimic the structure and color and textures. I love how this turned out because, while it is clearly inspired by Siiso’s painting, it’s still very clearly my own creation.

Another photo I found in my early days of wandering the wilds of Pinterest was this gorgeous wedding dress photographed by Gia Canali. The color combination and texture was simply gorgeous, and it immediately made me think of some diecut lace paper I had sitting in my stash.


Some green cardstock to back the lace paper, a few pieces of shimmery pink cardstock to mimic the shoes, and voila!, a page clearly inspired by the clothes, but entirely my own.


Think you can manage some out of the box inspiration to creation? I’ve got lots of ideas on my scraptastic Pinterest board. Browse through it. Find something that makes you smile, and then make something based on it. I’ll do the same, and show you what I came up with later this week. Can’t wait to see what you create!


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