Photo Organizing Class

Photo Organizing Class

I have to share this before it’s too late:

Stacy Julian is running her Finding Photo Freedom (affiliate link) class starting this Thursday, February 7th!

Why am I so excited about this? Because this is a class you need to take if organizing your photos is your stumbling block in scrapbooking.

I took this class back in 2009, when I decided I needed a more efficient way to find the photos I wanted to use for scrapbook pages. Most of my images were digital, and finding the photo I wanted to scrap for a particular story was more time consuming than the actual page creation.

Stacy’s class was just the process I needed! There’s a system for organizing digital photos for printing, a chronological and event based component, and a structure for additional sorting of photos to find relationships, common themes, and evidence of growth and change. There’s also a system for organizing the pages you complete.

This is a revolutionary system. Not only does it move you beyond date based stories, it helps you find and tell stories that go beyond the who, what and when, and into the how and the why. The how and the why stories are my most important and beloved pages.

Without this system, I probably would have never noticed this common theme:at four

at 8at 9at ten
This boy, running towards me, so excited and happy, and wanting to share that with me; this is a story and common thread in my life that I would probably have never noticed if I hadn’t taken Stacy Julian’s class.

It’s not too late to sign up for her class. It starts this Thursday, but you can register until the following Wednesday (the 13th.) Sign up. It will change how you scrapbook. In a good way.

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