Oval Does It

Oval Does It

This school year has been super busy, what with the new job, and kids in high school now. (Activities! Friends! Sports! Lots of driving!)

As a result, most of the cards I’ll be sharing with you are simple and quick to create. I’ll be doing a few more technique investigations, but the object is to make cards, not reinvent the wheel.

Today’s card makes use of a great tool from Creative Memories. I don’t know if it’s still available, but you could use any oval cutter to achieve a similar look.

oval flower || noexcusescrapbooking.co

The stamp is an old one from The Angel Company, and the laser cut paper ribbons were a present from my mother, lo, many moons ago. (I just got back from a Marvel Universe Live show. Hyperbole is running rampant today.)

Basically, none of these things are currently available for purchase, other than the ink. So what would a card maker looking to lift this design do?

If you don’t have oval punches or cutters, use circle punches. Any stamp or sticker in your collection would work as a focal point. Your favorite washi tape or ribbon or border punch would work as the horizontal element. Make this design your own!

You could even post your versions of it in my Flickr group, just click on through!

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