One Stamp, Three Ways, Day Two

One Stamp, Three Ways, Day Two

Today we’ve got the second version of this lovely rose as a focal point.

rose two ||

This card required a few scraps with smaller scaled prints, and a lot of fussy cutting.

First, stamp the rose bud with a coordinating ink on multiple scraps of paper that could be considered flower colors. Here I used a reddish ink, with scraps in the red to pink range. There were five distinct sections of the rose bud, so I used five different  red scraps.

The next step is to stamp the leaves multiple times on green scraps with green ink. (Although, I suppose, the leaves don’t have to be green.)

After you’ve done your stamping and let the ink dry, start trimming out the pieces you want to use. Stamp the main image in green and whatever color you’re using for the rosebud on white paper, and then use a detail glue applicator to adhere the cut out pieces to your stamped image.

To tie it all together, Use more pieces of the scraps you used to make the flower to create color blocks that help fill in the front of the card. Add a sentiment, and your card is all set!

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  1. Love projects that use scraps, which I seem to collect a lot of. Not sure about cutting all the little pieces, but it sure is pretty!

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