Old vs. New

Old vs. New

Last night, while trying to sleep, my mind wandered to my craft supplies, and I asked myself, “What’s the oldest thing in my stash?”

Have you ever taken the time to think about that? What crafty supply started you on this journey into the realm of creativity and documentation?

What’s your oldest supply?

Mine are these two stamps, and this embossing powder.

old vs new craft supplies


I got them during a show at the local mall while I was still living at home/ between college semesters. To melt the embossing powder, I’d hold the image over a burner on the stove.

In the background you can see my newest craft supply: a piece of handmade paper from Papyrus that I got while in Boston a couple weeks back. I have this vague idea for using it in a craft project. We’ll see if that actually pans out.

So what are your oldest and youngest craft supplies? Do you still use them?

(I use the leaves frequently. I can’t remember the last time I used the Pooh stamp. Maybe it’s time to give it a new home. Or not. I still have small children I can send Valentine’s to!)

Don’t forget to share with us, and let everyone know what your oldest and youngest supplies are. Wouldn’t it be fun to compare the two, to see what’s changed about your crafty life, and what’s remained the same?

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  1. I think my oldest craft supply is some beads I got from my great-grandmother – I inherited a bunch of jewelry making stuff from her many years ago. I tend to hoard supplies so I still have a lot of her stuff!

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