Off on a Tangent

Off on a Tangent

Ideas are flying fast and furiously here, with the prompts Lain has been supplying. Today’s prompt was based on the children’s book, Goodnight Moon.

The first thought that occurred to me was that there are a few specific children’s books I will not read. It may surprise you to know that Goodnight Moon is one of them. I just find it so banal and repetitive, it makes me go “bleh.” Purely personal opinion here.

So the first option for creating a page today could be a page about the short list of children’s books I won’t be reading any time soon.

Second option? Books that I love that are spoofs and homages to Goodnight Moon: Goodnight Gorilla, and Goodnight Opus.

Thinking about Goodnight Opus led me further down the rabbit trail, to a particular quote that I simply love, “…he departed the text.”

That led me to muse about creative and fanciful thinking and finally to the word “innovate.” That’s when I knew what the page for today was going to be about.

Innovate ||

What tools from The Beginner’s Guide to Scrapbooking did I use? Repetition, the T style layout, and the rule of thirds.

A few quick tips for you:

To create the tone on tone of the red background I stamped text stamps with versamark ink. And the shield was part of the patterned paper design. Since it had a nice smooth edge and a symmetrical shape, it was easy to turn it into impromptu photo corners with a craft knife.


What do you think?