Not Enough Supplies?

Not Enough Supplies?

One of the problems I’ve heard from people who’ve said they want to scrapbook is that they don’t have enough supplies to make the kinds of pages they want to create. They’ve decided that they need to invest in a huge stash before they can make a single page.

Please don’t let this idea stop you.

basic tool kitAside from the basics (see my recommended products page) there’s very little you need besides photos and paper. Sure, you can use lots of different papers and 10 different types of embellishments, but you don’t need to do that in order to create beautiful pages with lots of meaning.

Pages I make typically use less than ten different products, and frequently less than five. On occasion I use more product, but that’s usually when I have more time, or when I am exploring a new technique. It can be very easy to create something lovely with a minimum of product.

Let’s challenge ourselves, shall we?

Using only five pieces of product, our basic tool kit, and a photo or two, let’s make a page.

Here’s what I will be using:IMG_4379

Because I simply have to use these photos:


Go pick out some photos and product. Let’s get some pages made!

What do you think?