My Favorite Organizational Tools

My Favorite Organizational Tools

Let’s talk stuff for a minute now–organizational stuff to be exact.

When it comes to organization, try to use things you already have before going out and buying more storage bins and baskets. Keep in mind also how you use things. Do you need things to be out in the open in order for you to use them, or will you remember you have something and prefer to have everything tucked away? These are very important things for you to think about before you go out and purchase anything, and before you start re-organizing your supplies.

That being said, these are some of the items that I use all the time, and you might like them as well.

In the closet:craft closet updated

The 12×12 paper is stored in cropper hopper vertical files with the fully open side facing out rather than upward. This makes it very easy to thumb thru and find a single sheet, rather than having to pull out various sections to find the paper you want to use. The 8.5×11 paper is in magazine holders that are laid on their side as well. Photo boxes are used as category drawers, and for a few still unsorted photos.

Next to the computer, the printer sits on a shelf made of plywood covered with handmade paper which is supported by seven wine holders. Seven of them fit perfectly across the width of two regular file cabinets. And being able to sort markers by color? Perfect!

craft room ||

Most of the rest of my supplies are stored in an Iris 6 drawer cart, an Iris scrapbooking cart, or an Iris cart with deep drawers, depending on the size of the object and how much of a particular type of item I have. Large bottles of paint and kid craft supplies go in the reclaimed and repainted locker, and most often used tools and supplies go in boxes and bins and baskets scrounged from the rest of the house.


And my go-to tools that I use on most every page? Stacked revolving bins on the corner of the desk keep them all corralled and handy.

Do you have any favorite organizational tools? Share them in the comments! If you’d like to see more organizational ideas on the blog you can find them here.

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  1. You have a lovely craft room Heather. Seeing all the photo boxes in the cupboard got me wondering, how do you organise your photos?

    • I basically follow Stacy Julian’s library of memories, but I don’t pull pics and put them into category drawers that often. Most of my pictures are in photo albums. You can see them on the top shelf of the left hand closet.

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