Must-have Tools: the Letter Stamp and Stamp Positioner

Must-have Tools: the Letter Stamp and Stamp Positioner

Those colored pencils just wouldn’t leave me alone. This time I decided to try something rainbow-ish. I think the result is actually more flower-like. What do you think?

color my world card ||

Two things to note about this card.

First, the original yellow ink used to stamp the yellow pencil matched the colored pencil TOO closely, resulting in a washed out, difficult to see image. Since these are rubber stamps, I needed to use a stamp positioner to be able to stamp almost exactly on top of the original image.

You can see the over stamp pretty clearly here, but in real life it is much LESS noticeable.

Secondly, if you don’t have letter stamps in small, medium and large sizes, you’re missing out. This sentiment was stamped with an adjustable letter stamp similar to rotating date stamps, but single letter stamps would also work. If you have wonderful handwriting, you can create your own word art sentiments, but if you don’t, letter stamps are a must.

The idea of turning one thing (say a pencil) into another thing (like a flower) is still appealing to me. I wonder what other stamps I have that would work for something like that. You may be seeing some other take on this idea later this month. Maybe.

Do you have any stamps you could turn into other things? It’s always fun to take a moment to look at your supplies with fresh eyes.

Supplies used: (affiliate links)

Tim Holtz distress ink pads

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