May Day!

May Day!

Chalk this up to the perils of not planning ahead. I have quite a few posts with some fun ideas and information planned and started for you. Nothing is finished however.

Because well, this happened:


My sister now has a son as well as a daughter, and I’ve been helping with big sister care for a few days, which means, you guessed it, no website access, and no craft supplies access.

Although, I was able to keep up with the MAY LOAD through the magic of the Project LIfe app.


So we’ll get back on track soon. Just as soon as my husband’s birthday is over. And my son’s. And Mother’s Day. And the Tulip Festival.

May, why do you have to be so wonderful, and so busy?

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  1. Congratulations with your new nephew! I know all about busy May. With my birthday, holidays and schoolvacations, May is all but calm and easy.

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