LOAD 4 || Speedy Scrapping

LOAD 4 || Speedy Scrapping

Well, today, was going to be all about showing you how you CAN make a page in 30 minutes. But my tripod decided to be uncooperative, and started slowly tipping down as soon as I started taping. I figure you don’t really need to watch 5 minutes of just my right hand, right?

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Since today’s prompt was all about time management, I made some executive decisions to limit my choices of both photos and papers. First, no searching for photos. I have a pile of pics I had pulled out for previous projects that I haven’t used yet, and that need to be put away. Rather than worrying about putting those away, I know I’ll be using a bunch of those to make pages this month, including today! Second decision? No searching for just the right piece of patterned paper. If it’s not in the scrap bin, it’s not on the menu for today.

So–number one recommendation for speedy scrapping? Limit choices! Use a kit, or a pile of scraps, and don’t worry about finding that perfect item. Perfection is overrated anyways!

After deciding on a photo, I pulled a few papers from my scrap bin, some Project Life journaling cards, and some random embellishments that were close at hand. The paper layers were shuffled around a bit, and the cards lined up so the gridlines matched up. A bit of journaling, and the page was done.

The video, from start to finish, including reframing the shot after the camera moved, and some put away, was a grand total of 31 minutes and 7 seconds. Sounds like a thirty minute page to me.

How fast can you scrap? Have you ever timed yourself?

What do you think?