Letting Your Organization Evolve

Letting Your Organization Evolve

To continue our conversation regarding organization, it’s always good to occasionally reevaluate what parts of your system are working, and what aren’t. Let me show you what I mean, with the small changes I’ve made in the past half year.

Once again, let’s start off with the view from the doorway. Did you notice that the sewing machine and cricut are now on the far table? I found as I settled in and used my space that I was using the table by the door as my main work space most of the time. It only made sense to switch the rarely used tools with my most commonly used ones.IMG_4898

IMG_4900I’ve added a vision board and an inspiration board on either side of my computer desk. They are both works in progress, but they help keep me motivated, and give me a place to put things I don’t want to forget, or things I find fascinating.

Next, you can see a close up of the corner with the sewing machine and cricut, as well as some commonly used items. My most recent papers and embellishments and a bin with most of my alpha horde keeps them handy, and easy to access. Beside them are two project bins (one has my week in the life supplies that I’ll show you next week) and another work in progress is in the bag on top. The location for the project bins and works in progress is new. We’ll see how that fits in with my current systems.IMG_4905
My stamping station has stayed basically the same. I just dragged the binder with old unmounted stamps out of the closet, and added the art prints and paper sorter on the wall above it. There’s another project in it that I need help from the family in order to finish, some organizational stuff, and my zentangle supplies. (I just started playing with zentangle. It’s been fun so far!)IMG_4906
My son’s desk area has expanded. He’s got some storage items he’s barely started using, and cork board to hang his latest creations on. My button and flower supply is there as well. He likes using them as much as I do, so he doesn’t mind sharing his space with me.IMG_4907
Finally we’re back around the room to my current workspace. My current project is on the table, along with a bin for journaling cards and most used pens, and my newest experiment, a bin for my scraps. I have a TON of scraps, and I want to use them, so I’m going to work on using this scrap bin as a first place to look for paper, and hopefully using some up, so I can pull more out of my file cabinet. My trimmers and other most commonly used tools are still within arm’s reach, on the cart where the cricut used to live.IMG_4908

When you reevaluate your organization, you don’t have to tear everything apart. Make little changes as you go. See what works, and what doesn’t. That’s what I do, and it makes being organized so much easier.

Do you have any organizational challenges? Feel free to share them. I’d be glad to brainstorm ideas with you!

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