Keeping My Crafty Hand In

Keeping My Crafty Hand In

And we come to the final LOAD page for the month. This is how I’ve been keeping myself from going completely stir crazy, with bits of lettering and coloring, list making, and a few scrapbook pages. This teaching gig is a bit time consuming.

oh happy day ||

The page started with a preprinted black and white background that included the “Happy Day” part of the title. A few pieces of scrap scrapbook paper, some super-old letter stickers, (Can you say 15 years old? Thank you!) and some self-adhesive gems made this a quick and easy layout.

I don’t have time for anything that takes a lot of time. That should change in June though. School’s almost over for the year! Hooray!

I’m really looking forward to a solid week or three of not waking up to an alarm at 6am every day. How about you? What’s on your agenda for the summer?

What do you think?