It Might Be Done. Almost. I Think.

It Might Be Done. Almost. I Think.

The great craft room switch of 2014 is done. I think. It’s at the stage where I can work, and I could invite people over to scrap and craft as well.

Want to see?

craft room reveal 1 ||

That’s the view from the doorway. Let’s step inside, shall we?

craft room reveal 2 ||

There are now three tables in the middle of the room for people to work at. You can just see my husband’s work desk on the left, with the file cabinets next to it. Once again, the printer is on a shelf on top of marker bins on the low file cabinets, next to my computer station. The Silhouette and Cricut are on the other side of the computer, plugged in and ready to be used.

craft room reveal 3 ||

The most frequently used tools and newest product were more attractively displayed until I realized I didn’t have room in the closets for the Big Kick and dies and associated product. I’m thinking of getting the Raskog cart from Ikea and turning that into a mobile die cutting station, but for now, all the die cutting tools are on the table under the new vision/inspiration board.

Moving over to stand in front of the computer, you can now see my son’s worktable, and the stamping station.

craft room reveal 4 ||

At the end, there’s even a bookshelf now for craft books and business books!

The closets are organized as well, but are considerably less well lit.

paper closet ||

project closet ||

Along the top of both closets are old rubber stamping and scrapbooking magazines, and the bottoms contain bins of fabric and my crop bags. The closet on the left (with the orange box) is filled with photos and papers and memorabilia. The one on the right has lots of project materials and business supplies.

I think it’s ready for some crafty mayhem, what do you think?

craft room reveal 5 ||

Let me know if you want to see anything in detail. I love sharing my craft room with you!

(Oh, and for anyone interested, the paint color is Indian Ocean by Behr, and the flooring is Country Pine by Trafficmaster/Allure.)


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    • Thanks! I’ve been doing this a long time, so my organization has had time to develop. You can do it! Just don’t feel like you have to rush yourself.

  1. My room is a total disaster and barely usable at the moment – having only recently carried everything back upstairs from my winter scrapping spot, and not having put it away – but I am hoping soon to do a relocation and get organized at the same time. Fingers crossed, please.

  2. WOW!!! Awesome. Yes, I would love to craft in your new showroom. Keep me posted. What level is this room on? Is it first floor, or elsewhere? Do you realize you can use stickup/stickon lights in your supply closet? Very nice creative space. Congrats 🙂

    • I’ll let you know when I get some classes lined up. It’s on the same level as my kitchen, which is one step up from the entrance. There are lights in the closet, but they don’t work. I’ll be calling an electrician about it eventually.

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