Is It December Already?!

Is It December Already?!

First of, all, thanks for joining me with last month’s card frenzy. As soon as this posts, one last reminder for anyone who’d like a card in the mail will be heading out. Hopefully you’ve already signed up for my mailing list!

Secondly, there was a little giveaway for a few window cards, and the lovely Libby Weirs has won that.

30 days of cards ||

Thirdly, how can it possibly be December?

Does it feel like December snuck up on you? It feels like it snuck up on me!

What does this month hold in store? Let’s see…

I’m participating in 12 Days of Christmas Cards with Carole Cassel, who has a wonderful site teaching Paintshop Pro for scrapbookers.

My oldest will be putting up a Christmas related post next week, since he’s job shadowing his father in the morning, and myself in the afternoon. How’s that for a school project?

I haven’t done a PL update in ages, so that will be showing up as well.

And a December Daily? Probably not. There’s just a bit too much going on for me to do that as well. I’ll use my PL to capture the holiday memories.

My birthday is this month, and I’ll be raiding my stash for a giveaway.

And, this month is the two year anniversary of this blog, so we’ll be doing a bit of retrospective of favorite old posts as well.

So, this month is busy. But then again, isn’t every month?

What do you have planned for the month?


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  1. Thank you! Did I even know there was a giveaway – I am so behind… – so this is a lovely surprise for a snowy morning!!

  2. Whooohoooo for your birthday month. I have Christmas on the brain as its my favorite time of the year. December daily is in the works but I’m thinking I might change my whole process. Call me crazy. Looking forward to seeing all of your new stuff.

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