Imperfect, But Finished. Maybe.

Imperfect, But Finished. Maybe.

There are cards that are imperfect, where anyone can see the imperfections, but are still beautiful. That’s what this one is today.

imperfect paris


You can tell the image didn’t transfer completely, and that I attempted to double stamp it to get the rest of the image to transfer. Not too successful, but not horrible. Maybe this isn’t finished. Maybe what this needs is a sentiment that addresses the idea of doing life imperfectly, and with art and adventure. Or maybe I just need to pull my big girl panties up, and pull of the front, and redo the background. That’s why I’m reluctant to do the card over. I LOVE the background.

Well, what do you all think? Should I pull off the stamped image and start that piece over, or should I add a sentiment that makes the imperfectness of this a design feature rather than a flaw?

Comment below, or leave an opinion over on Facebook. I’ll do whatever you decide!

What do you think?