If I’d Known Then (An Ode to LOAD)

If I’d Known Then (An Ode to LOAD)


Since I’m so excited to be doing another Layout A Day Challenge next month, I jumped at the chance to join a little blog hop to share what I wish I’d known before attempting a LOAD.

Of course, I’ve done lots of posts in previous years about all my tips and tricks for participating in LOAD. You can find all those posts here: LOAD in review

Today’s post is more about the heart of LOAD. (At least for me.)

If I’d known then
What I know now
I would have started sooner.
I’d spread more love
And comment more
And never worry about adhesive.

If I’d known then
What I know now
I’d have bought fewer doo-dads.
Fewer embellishments
And more white pens,
And lots of lined paper for journaling.

If I’d known then
What I know now
I would never have worried about
Whether or not I could do it.
The challenge isn’t in the completion rate,
But the attitude adjustment.

There’s no reason you can’t scrapbook every day.
There’s no reason you can’t find time to be creative
And to find yourself
In amongst all the paper and glue and sparkly bits.

There’s every reason to join in
And support each other
And ourselves
As we turn pretty paper
And beloved photos
Into stories that we can cherish
And memories that we can save
And love that knows no measure.

Deep breath! Ah!

Okay, I’m back from weird poetry land.

LOAD, for me, is really about the people I’ve met, and will meet, and the pages we all create. It’s full of creative, scrappy goodness, and wonderful scrapbookers who aren’t judgmental, or mean, or competitive. We’re all there to lift each other up. It’s the most wonderful part of LOAD.

How about some links to the other lovely ladies on the blog hop? You should go visit them, they’re all so wonderfully inspiring!

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  1. Awesome LOAD ode! And I agree completely with your first verse – I wish I had started sooner! See you soon in the gallery Heather!

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