Hooray for Color Prompts!

Hooray for Color Prompts!

Yesterday’s page went surprisingly easily considering how long this ridiculous cold is hanging around. Maybe that’s because it was a color prompt based on the main colors of Madeline: blue, white, and yellow.

After a quick thumb through the photos on hand, and pulling out one of my favorite scraps from the scrap bin I came up with this:

aim || noexcusescrapbooking.com

The blue zigzag is the reverse of the arrow paper. The colors and the patterns help illustrate the energy and excitement of the day. A few enamel dots to act as slingshot stones, and the page was finished.

Some days really are easier than others.

Only two more days of LOAD. I am both happy and sad to be coming to the end. Sad, because I love creating things every day, and sharing pages with friends, and I always miss everyone when LOAD is over. Happy because I have been sick, and that’s draining all the energy and creativity out of me. If it weren’t so close to the end of the month, I would not be finishing LOAD. But since it’s only a few more days, I’ll stick it out.

After all, why let a little thing like a cold keep you from creating?

What do you think?