Have You Seen My Desk?

Have You Seen My Desk?

It was here just the other day, with a clear spot for working on and everything. Could this be it?


That may be it. There are photos on it from Walgreens. I did print a new batch of photos last week. And look, there’s my Project Life album! Signs are pointing to yes.

But what are all these papers? School forms? Class print outs? Wasn’t there a planner here somewhere? And why is there a sheet of blank address labels? Color me confused.

Or perhaps overwhelmed would be the better description. New personal goal for the week, on top of every other ball that needs to stay in the air: clean off my desk so I can actually make something. I don’t know about you, but if I don’t make something soon, my head may implode.

Crafting really does help keep me happy.


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