Go Big

Go Big

One last sample for you from May’s musical LOAD. This prompt for this page was to use a large portrait or self-portrait on a page a la the album cover fro Duran Duran’s Rio. You remember that, right?


While looking through the pictures on hand that are larger, I came across this drawing that my father made of me after he was diagnosed with cancer.

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This doesn’t really look anything like me, but I still love it, because my father made it for me because I asked him to. It’s one of the last things I have from him before he died.

The drawing had been sitting in a photo box, where no one could see it, and now, since it’s on a page, it’s somewhere where my family will find it, and know why it’s important.

In the end, isn’t that what’s scrapbooking all about? Sharing photos and memorabilia that tell stories that are worth remembering?

What do you think?