Glitter Beach

Glitter Beach

Yesterday’s prompt took its inspiration from pop-up books.

While I love a good pop-up book, I thought a bit of texture would be easier to add to a page than a pop-up.

Thumbing thru the most recent batch of printed photos brought up two pics of my boys building castles at the beach. How about a bit of glitter to mimic the look of the beach?

castle building ||

I have way too much glitter on hand, considering how much I am not a fan of it. However, pair it with a good dimensional adhesive, and it becomes not so horrible. This has a thin layer of dimensional adhesive spread along the bottom, followed by a LOT of glitter, and then a thick layer of dimensional adhesive to keep the glitter from escaping.

Of course there are stray bits of glitter everywhere, but a few times around the room with a damp cloth should solve most of that problem.

Come to think of it, maybe it would have been easier to create a pop-up.

What are your favorite ways to use glitter? I seriously need to use more of what I have on hand. It’s taking up valuable real estate in my scrap room!

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