Getting in the December Groove

Getting in the December Groove

We made it through November, and made a card every day! Aren’t you impressed?

You should be. I’m exhausted! All that stamping and writing just about wore me out! 😉

But seriously, let’s talk December plans, shall we?

Did you know that this blog was launched last December? Yep. We’re approaching our first birthday! And did you also know that MY birthday is in December? Yep. And with Christmas coming too, I think a little gift giving will be in order this month.

But let’s not spoil the surprise, shall we? Let’s just say that since I’m turning 44, and there are 4 days between Christmas and my birthday, there ought to be four presents, right?

So what are your plans for crafting this December? I have a December book I put together, but I’ve already managed to not take a picture every day this week. What can I say? I do not live with camera in hand. (And exactly how interesting is laundry? Cos that was the extent of the excitement around here yesterday.)

I’ve got an idea for a simple scrappy present for my family, but other than possibly re-arranging my craft room, I don’t have a lot of plans for the month. Unless you count finishing up those presents I mentioned. If you count that, then I’ve got a LOT to do. 😉

So please do share what you’ve got planned for the month, so I can live vicariously through you!

December, here we come!




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