Everyday Journaling

Everyday Journaling

I know journaling is hard for many people. Deciding what to say and how to say it is a huge mental roadblock. The thing is, most of us are writing all the time in our daily lives.

Do you chat and post updates on Facebook? Do you send emails to family and friends? Do you hang out on Twitter or Instagram or Pinterest? Do you make a list of errands to do for the day? How about shopping lists?

All these things can become sources for journaling on scrapbook pages.

Don’t believe me? Check out this page where I used some of a chat transcript as my journaling:

LOAD 28 Oct 2010 copy


Quick and simple, and captures quite a bit of the essence of my relationship with my sister. You could do the same thing with any social media.

Your errand and shopping lists? Excellent fodder for documenting your everyday life. Check out this list:



This is a typical list my husband makes each week while going through the sales flyers. Add a few pictures from the grocery store trip, and maybe the receipt, and I’ll have a great slice of life captured.

It’s so important to document the details of your life. The conversations you have, the things you do and buy, the people and places in your life, they all change. Ten years from now, everything will be different, so document your everyday life. You won’t regret it!


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  1. Yes, exactly right! I think it’s great to have a mix of journaling styles in projects. Everything doesn’t need to be fancy & formal looking. I’ve used lists, doodling, notes on scraps, wrappers, gift & greeting cards. I love your idea of using some chat/text transcripts as the journaling. I’m definitely lifting that technique!

  2. So true, all those status updates and things could be perfect journaling – I need to remember to use the bits and pieces so I don’t forget them.

    • I love using status updates. I took a class at Big Picture Classes from Cathy Zielske, where we made a mini album using twitter or facebook updates. One of my favorite albums ever.

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