Currently Photo Challenge

Currently Photo Challenge

Where are you right now? What does your life look like today? Pull out your camera, and start documenting it, right now!

sunflare ||

Today, the sun is shining and the birds are singing a joyful noise.

What does your day sound like?

juxtaposition ||

The Rhodadendrons are blooming, in spite of last winter’s harsh treatment.

What does today feel like?

chores ||

The weeds are starting to get ahead of me.

What are the things on your to-do list?

work  ||

So glad I’m drinking more water and almost no soda. In the past two months I’ve had about half a dozen sodas, mostly while out and about. Water makes me feel so much better!

What are you grateful for?

Don’t just sit there! It’s time to stop, drop and document!

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