Crowdsourcing a Starting Point

Crowdsourcing a Starting Point

You may not know this already, but No Excuse Scrapbooking has a fan page on Facebook. Last night I asked my wonderful fans which background I should start with for today’s card.

crowdsource background options

I had been inspired by this pin, but when I started pulling things together, I really got stumped with how I wanted the card to go, and which background was more visually appealing.

Luckily, I have YOU. The background on the right was the favorite, so off I went to make it work.

One of the things I loved about the card I pinned on pinterest was the contrast of the black with the gorgeous colors. Keeping that in mind you may see how I got to this:

crowd sourced card


One of the people who had an opinion about which background to use hails from Australia and suggested a fall theme, which led to the leaves and the British version of color. Which brings us to the tip for today:

If something isn’t working, get another set of eyes on your project. Ask a friend who scrapbooks what they think. Quiz your family. Talk to someone who’s design sense you trust because their home is gorgeous, or they are always well dressed. That ability to put a beautiful outfit together often translates into other arts.

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