Cross Pollination AKA Mixing Your Crafts

Cross Pollination AKA Mixing Your Crafts

Who here gets crafty with things other than paper? How about using paper for more than just scrapbook pages and cards?

I bet you all are multi-craftual. (Heh. Making up words again.)

Have you ever thought about how you can combine things you’ve learned in one craft, and apply them to another?

How about some examples?

I’ve learned a few basics in crochet. Enough to make my own crochet flower embellishments like these:

crochet flower embellishments ||

Just the one on the left is mine, the two on the right were bought, and the reason I decided to try to make my own.

And quilting! Quilting has so much inspiration to offer a scrapbooker. Everything from general inspiration to style to design principles can be applied with a quilter’s experience to card making and scrapbooking.

inspiration quilt from we shall sew

A sample inspiration piece

Page based on inspiration quilt ||

Page based on inspiration quilt ||

faux quilt card

Inspired by quilt design

I bet there are even knitters and beaders out there who’ve made their own scrapbook embellishments. Anyone have some links they’d like to share?

How about using paper in non-scrappy ways?

I’ve used paper to cover boxes and wrap presents and decorate tables.

ornament box

paper covered box

Paper covered table ||

paper covered table top

What have you used paper for, other than the usual memory keeping? How do you bring your other hobbies into your scrapbooking?

Let’s share and inspire each other!

What do you think?