Check Those Boxes!

Check Those Boxes!

Last week, we added some trees to our holiday decor. This week, how about some pretty boxes?

We’ve got gift boxes:altered gift boxes

And advent calendars:customized advent calendar

And gift boxes masquerading as ornaments:ornament box

All of these projects started the same, with either a papier-mâché box or an altoid tin. They were then painted, and covered with paper. For the advent calendar, I measured pieces of paper to fit the boxes, but for the other boxes, I tore paper and layered it on the form. Mod Podge works great as a paper adhesive and sealer, but plain old white glue will also work.

Once you’ve got the papers layered to your liking, add a few embellishments, and you’re done. This is a fun and easy project, although you will get messy, so protect your work surface and your clothes. The amount of time it takes depends upon how many layers or pieces you’re using, and how elaborate you make your box, as well as the amount of adhesive you use.

A couple close ups for you:

altered altoid tin

advent calendar

Do you make altered gift boxes? Have any interesting ones you want to share? Link it up in the comments!


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