Alpha Sticker Sheet Vanquished!

Alpha Sticker Sheet Vanquished!

Way back in July, I challenged myself, and you, to use up an entire sheet of letter stickers. Last week, I finished up the sheet! Look at all that empty goodness:

empty sheet letter stickers

There’s just a half an 8 left over. (I turned it into an E.) I’m tempted to trim it into a mustache shape and use it on a card, but I think the mustache trend may have gone far enough.

So that’s it. An entire sheet used. At one point I realized I had an extra letter. Somehow, while doing the alpha letter scrabble, I managed to miss a G. So at the end I had a G, two F’s, and some extra punctuation. My friend GeeZee came to the rescue, and suggested modifying the F’s into E’s. That worked!

Want to see the last few pages?

Using up the pesky last few letters

Those pieced E’s came out pretty well, don’t you think?

a very big year

In looking for some month stickers or rub-ons, I came across an old kit with a few pieces of paper left over that worked wonderfully with the alphabet pattern.

making a promise

And finally, my favorite. This used up most of the scraps from the paper pile originally put together to use with the stickers, as well as an old border punch and journaling card, and an even older laser cut from an old set of cards rescued from my grandmother’s house when we cleaned it out to sell it.

That was fun! It was great getting that old sheet of letter stickers out of my stash, and challenging myself to come up with pages to suit the titles we brainstormed.

Have you ever done anything like this? What do you do with your unfinished alpha sticker sets?

Do share, I’d love to see!


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