All Shook Up

All Shook Up

This is another favorite of mine.

I don’t know about you, but I love shaker cards. They’re like snow-globes for paper people.

sea shaker card ||

After cutting out a piece of paper with flaps big enough to cover the back, and another piece that was slightly smaller than the main body of the shaker, I stamped and colored two scenes. The scene on the bigger piece was mostly blank in the middle, since it was going to be cut out afterwards. For the smaller piece of cardstock, I concentrated on creating a scene in the middle of the paper, since the edges would be covered by tape and the shaker frame.

If the idea of improvising the cutting of the shaker card base/frame gives you the heebie jeebies, use an envelope template to give yourself a basic form to build on.

You can cut the window of your card out before you do any scene creation if you want. Just make sure you leave a wide border (say about half an inch or a little more) around the edges. You’re going to need that space for your foam tape.

Once you’ve got your scene just to your liking, it’s time to assemble the shaker. Using a strong adhesive, lay a continuous line of adhesive all around the inside back edge of your frame. Center a piece of clear transparency over the frame.

Next lay another continuous line of foam tape this time all around the inside back edge of the frame. Make sure you leave no gaps for your shaker pieces to escape through. If you have thicker shaker pieces, add another layer of foam tape over the first one.

Now add your shaker materials. I used seed beads, star glitter, and a couple teeny tiny shells. You could use sequins, or paper flowers, or whatever small item you have that would suit your theme.

Center your smaller colored piece of cardstock over the shaker frame, making sure the top is on the top! (Or be smart and design your piece without an up and down!) Then gently fold the flaps over from smallest to largest, using plenty of adhesive.

Now it’s ready to add to your card front. Mine is on a neutral background that I stamped with a Tim Holtz stamp. Love, love, love how the background came out. Actually I love the whole thing, except for one little piece. Any guesses?

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copic sketch markers

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