A Smooch of Detail

A Smooch of Detail

Have you ever used Smooch inks? They have some lovely spray inks, that have a lot of shine to them since them contain mica powders. They also have these adorable little bottles of ink/paint that work well on both dark and light colored papers.

Henna inspired card || noexcusescrapbooking.com

Doesn’t this stamp remind you of some detailed henna designs? Or maybe that’s just me. At any rate, it’s a beautiful design, so the goal with this card was to highlight it, and let it shine.

All the little details were colored with the smooch inks. The little terracotta colored piece of paper was stamped with another design in the same line, and then both were backed with some more mirror cardstock. It really does act like a mirror. You can see parts of me taking the photo of the card in the mirror cardstock.

As I was finishing it up, it felt bare to me, so I sketched in a line of smooch ink after I had finished assembling the card.

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