A Crowdsourced Card

A Crowdsourced Card

Today has been a bit busy, and I was completely out of ideas. Nothing was coming to mind. At all. So I asked those of you who follow me on Facebook for some help.

First I asked, stamp or sticker as a focal point. The first response was stamp.

Next was theme. The options were flower, simple shape, or tech. The first response was flower, and tech was a close second. I feel like I’ve been doing lots of flowers and sewing this month, but you spoke, and I listened. Flower it is!

Finally, it was time for you all to decide on color. When I gave you the option of ROYGBIV, of course my sister piped up and said indigo right off the bat.

Indigo flower stamp it is. Do I have any indigo ink?

indigo flower || noexcusescrapbooking.com

That’s pretty close to indigo, right?

How does this work for a crowdsourced card?

If you want to make this, you could try using these supplies from Amazon: (affiliate link)

What do you think?