A Crazy Idea

A Crazy Idea

As part of a class I am currently taking, the instructor asked us what our workspaces look like now, and what we would like our workspaces to be. My initial thought was that I am very happy with my workspace, with the possible exception of wanting it to be neater (I’m so not good at the whole putting away thing) and bigger, so I could host crops or classes at home easily.

And then, while going over the rest of the class homework late at night, while everyone in the house slept, an idea came to me, like a bolt out of the blue. What if I switched my bedroom and craft room?

Yep. I went there.

The next day, I asked my husband what he thought of my hare-brained idea. His response? “Well we certainly don’t need a bedroom that big.

Cue a happy dance!

So now I’m waiting for the end of the school year and then I’ll be making a mess of my house again. I’ve measured the current craft room and bedroom furniture, to make sure everything will fit. I’ve made a floor plan for both rooms so I can experiment with furniture arrangement without the heavy lifting. I’m making a list of the things I’ll need to buy in order for the switch to work, and planning the work flow.

craft room plan
I’m sort of excited.

Now, my greatest question is what color should I paint the new craft room? I love the blue I have currently, but the light is different in the other room, so it may not work as well. And, well, this is me and my love of color, do I really want to paint the room the same color?

a few paint ideas
Anyone have any suggestions? I’m not even sure which color family I want to use. I just know I don’t want white. White is boring.

Needless to say, this whole rearranging of rooms will interfere with blogging, but I’ll try to keep you entertained over the summer.

And I’ll definitely share pictures. I’m not afraid of owning up to the mess!

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  1. Oh Heather! Just looking at the floor plans you created makes me know that we were meant to be friends… I LOVE creating those kinds of plans! Good luck with the move!

    • Thanks Alice! Have you been obsessing over and creating floor plans since middle school? I think it’s been that long for me.

      • I remember designing my first house in grade 6. It was for a project in math class. We had to figure out how much it would cost. It had 7 stories, with a pool and an elevator… it was pretty pricey! The teacher wanted us to have a reality check, all it showed me was how to make scale drawings and floor plans!

  2. A bit crazy, but exciting! I took a housing and interiors class in high school where I designed a house with complete floor plans. I kept going cutting out wall groupings from a Home Interiors and Gifts catalog as well. I love designing and planning, now if I could just execute and maintain!

  3. Heather, I’m not sure what kind of light you get in the room. We have painted our bedroom as well as the main living space at my daughters in the boringly named color “Taupe.” Which I think was Behr. It is a perfect color for almost anything else to go with. It gives a nice warm feel to the room without being white, and without overpowering! It sounds boring, but it seems to be perfect with everything I’ve used with it! Oh, my bedroom faces north and only has great light in the morning with an eastern window, and the sliding door is on the north. The other living space had windows on the south and west and the color seemed great there, too.

    • This room doesn’t get much in the way of natural light– it’s on the south west side of the house, and is mostly shaded by the big tree in the front yard. The walls are already bright white, and since that isn’t helping brighten up the room, I figure any color will do.

  4. A year ago we converted our huge walk in closet into our craftroom/office and just the other day I was wondering whether our bedroom furniture would have fit in there 🙂 we have wall of built in shelves so not as easy as your move might be….but I’m envious and happy that it will work for you. Great job hubby for understanding!

    • LOL! A closet would be a little small for a bedroom!
      I wasn’t really expecting my husband to go for the idea, but he seems pretty into the whole idea.

      • Actually my closet is 12 x 18…so it would have been big enough, but the built ins are perfect for storage. The down side is that you have to walk through my bedroom to get there and having friends up to scrap seems weird. Oh well, in my next life. For now, I’ll live vicariously through you and your space. Share pics!

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