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Feeling a Little Square

Feeling a Little Square

Last week, one of the prompts for LOAD was “Who do you dedicate your scrapbooks to?”
Rather than getting into who I scrapbook for, which has been done numerous times before, including this instance:

I went a slightly different direction with the page for the day. Instead, last week’s page was all about the musicians that have impacted my life, from Mozart to Melissa Etheridge. The goal is to use this as a title page for a music themed scrapbook.

This took forever to do, since I started with this:
grid layout small squares ||
That’s 49 squares people! 49! Of course some were hidden to make room for the title, but still 49 squares!

Anyone else want to fill in a grid with 49 things? (Almost!)

You can download a .psd version here: grid layout small squares photoshop document

If you make something with it, make sure to share it with me! I’d love to see what you create!

May Day!

May Day!

Chalk this up to the perils of not planning ahead. I have quite a few posts with some fun ideas and information planned and started for you. Nothing is finished however.

Because well, this happened:


My sister now has a son as well as a daughter, and I’ve been helping with big sister care for a few days, which means, you guessed it, no website access, and no craft supplies access.

Although, I was able to keep up with the MAY LOAD through the magic of the Project LIfe app.


So we’ll get back on track soon. Just as soon as my husband’s birthday is over. And my son’s. And Mother’s Day. And the Tulip Festival.

May, why do you have to be so wonderful, and so busy?

Musical May

Musical May

For May, a few of my ScrapHappy friends and I are putting together a Layout a Day challenge for our fellow ScrapHappy members. We’re going with a musical theme this month, basically because everybody loved the idea of a musical LOAD.

We all made samples for the prompts, so I’ll be sharing the ones I made as they roll around this month.

It seemed appropriate to start the month of musical MAYhem off by talking about what our favorite style or genre of music is. Being me, I refused to pick just one:


The reason I went this route, rather than focusing on what I do listen to (mostly pop and rock if any one cares) is because every time I thought “what’s my favorite style” the internal response was, “I don’t really care, I just want to be able to sing it.”

When I realized that, my musical tastes became more obvious. Beethoven? Supremely hummable! Most hip hop? I can’t find the melody in amongst all the rhythm most of the time.

As far as putting this together, I started by knowing what the story was about– me just wanting to sing, and went from there. While digging through old photos of me, I found this one of me wearing a concert shirt from From Good Homes. That’s music oriented, right, so it got used.

After deciding on which papers to use (everything came from one of the kits I put together for last month’s Counterfeit Kit Challenge) I adhered the photo, added the title, and then drew lines to use for journaling around the photo. I didn’t worry about making sure the lines were even or anything, just lightly penned them in. Then it was time to journal.

I had a basic idea of where I wanted to go with the writing, but this is mostly free writing, with an occasional self-reminder to focus on the thought of “I want to sing.” As result the writing is a bit choppy, but the intent comes across regardless.

The metal stars and circles are grommets that my friend Kelli from Use It Scrapbooking sent me when she was destashing for a move. The flag, arrow, and border sticker came from a variety of sources, and help add motion to the page. The bottom grommet, if you’re my age, will probably leave you singing as you finish looking at the page. Which, since this is a music themed page, was entirely the intention.

So how about you? Have you ever documented how music affects your life? What’s your favorite type of music? Make a page about it today!