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Washi Classes

Washi Classes

As I may have mentioned before, I love bringing in new ideas and techniques into my scrapbook toolbox. It keeps the hobby fresh and interesting, and motivates me to scrap and use up my stash.

One of the best ways I’ve found to discover new techniques is to attend one of Lain Ehmann’s free monthly scrapinars. Each month Lain hosts a live, online scrapbooking class that focuses on a specific topic. The classes are free when they are live, but are made available for replay at a small fee about a week later.

A couple of my favorites are all about washi tape, and are taught by the marvelous Monica Bradford of Scrap Inspired. (In case you were wondering, all affiliate links!) The first class Washi Wahoo! was a great place to start exploring creative ways to use washi. The second class Washi Wahoo Too! goes even further, and explores ways to make your own washi!

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If you have wondered what the big deal is about washi tape and don’t know why anyone would buy it, or if you’ve bought it because you loved how it looked but are completely flummoxed about how to use it, these classes are for you. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed by these classes. Plus Monica is super fun!

Just a quick warning. After watching these, you are going to want to buy lots and lots of washi! You can find lots of washi at Two Peas in a Bucket. Love their selection.

If you have used washi tape before, do you have a favorite? Do share!

Gimme That Washi!

Gimme That Washi!

I love Washi tape. Have you ever seen it or used it? It’s pretty fun.

Washi tape is a low tack, slightly translucent, patterned tape. It’s originally from Japan. It comes in a wide variety of colors, patterns and widths. A lot of scrapbookers have fallen in love with the stuff, but have no idea how to use it.

If you just think about Washi tape as a shape (a long thin line) ideas for how to use it will start occurring to you right off the bat.

Use it instead of ribbon or a thin piece of paper to add a line to your page:IMG_4432

Cut the ends at angles to make arrows and banners:


Make a frame around the outside of your picture:


Cover shapes with washi:


That should get you started on thinking about ways to use washi tape. Later this week, I’ll link you up to a couple classes that you absolutely should buy, because they are jam packed with ideas to get washi tape out of your stash and onto your page.




A Huge Crop Crop

A Huge Crop Crop

You know how some days, the creative bug has hit you, and gorgeous, innovative pages just flow? Well, that wasn’t me during the crop. 😀

The crop was a workhorse kind of day for me, where I got a lot done, but it followed tried and true patterns I have used over and over in the past.

Wash Me

I concentrated on creating pages using the titles for my alphabet sticker challenge. I added in other letter stickers when it helped tell the story better. Plus, I like the look of different size alphas, how about you?


Then there were the pages where I didn’t have the photos I thought I had, so improvised. My bread machine is an integral part of Pizza Night, but a picture of some of the pizzas we’ve made would sure be nice, too.


Have you noticed yet what every page is missing? Journaling, right? I can’t journal when I’m surrounded by people. I have enough trouble finishing a sentence when I’m by myself. When I’ve got company, there are too many interesting things going on around me for me to concentrate.


I’ve got plans for what I’m going to talk about, and where to add it for each page, but, for right now, these pages are not done. They need a bit of embellishing too. They look so plain right now!


End result? Twelve pages started. Nothing finished, but I’m close, I can taste it! 😉

Do you go to crops? How much do you get done when you go?