10 Words: No More, No Less.

10 Words: No More, No Less.

How did you do with my challenge to you? Did you make a page with only ten words on it?

This is what I created:IMG_4320Do you see the small little tooth at the end of toothless? It’s actually a little piece of plastic that was stuck on my son’s new watch to keep the battery from engaging. He finally started to wear it yesterday, and of course left the little piece of plastic behind.

I found it while wiping down the bathroom counter today, and when I saw it, I immediately thought “tooth!” Since this same son had recently lost his two front teeth, it seemed appropriate to make a page about his gap-toothed grin.

I narrowed my choices to a single kit that my local scrapbook store had put together with Studio Calico products, and tried out a new punch I got for my birthday (thanks Mom!) and searched for a photo or two of him with his gap. These were as good as I could find. I was sure I’d gotten a good gap-photo, but no such luck. And both teeth are well on their way in now, so no re-creating photo possibilities.

A few distressed edges, a little pleated paper ribbon, some salvaged scraps (note the tiny hexagons, from the border punch!) and ten words later, and a page is born.

My ten words? “Toothless. Hopefully you won’t need braces like your Dad did.”

Quick, simple, and communicates more than just look at these crazy kid photos. You can journal. You really, really can.



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  1. What a cute layout. My son lost his first tooth years ago and the layout is not as cute as yours thats for sure! I am hoping to get some scrapping done this weekend and I will use your ten word challenge.

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