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Feeling Appreciated

Feeling Appreciated

You may not have noticed, but I’ve been super quiet around here lately. Preparing and reminding myself about the topics I’m teaching in Biology and Chemistry has been absorbing all my mental energy. I’ve only done a little writing as well. I’ve had my project life album sitting on my desk for months, waiting for me to add journaling. In short, scrapbooking hasn’t been a big priority lately. Which is normal. You have to expect your scrapbooking output to vary depending on your circumstances.

So I was super pleased and grateful when Alice Boll asked me to be a featured scrapbooker for the first LOAD she’s running. Finally, an outside deadline for making pages! Hooray!

Today’s prompt was all about chores, and I’ve actually been keeping track of them this year.

it never ends ||

Are there any chores you keep track of? It’s rather depressing and simultaneously empowering to realize how much stuff gets cleaned around here on a regular basis.

I’ll be back later this month, and share the other pages I’ve made for LOAD. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got more class prep to do. We’ve got to get them ready for their regents exams in mid-June!

Making a Date!

Making a Date!

LOAD 215 pile || noexcusescrapbooking.comScrapbooking has fallen down on my priority list. Now, instead of being a big ole’ second in command, it’s fallen to fourth place in the list of things to do.

First place is still making sure my family is taken care of, but preparing for work, and writing, have jumped the line and budged in front of scrapbooking.

That makes me sad. I’m feeling the lack of scrapbooking blues.

Luckily, in just a couple days, the February Layout a Day challenge begins.

Cue an ecstatic happy dance!

Why am I so happy? Because I need this. I need to make telling family stories a priority. I need to play with pretty paper and shiny stuff. I need to treasure my photos.

I’ve got a whole list of things I can work on:

Catching up with Project Life. Although I am going to try to pump out lots of Project Life stuff this weekend, so I can do other styles of pages. I’m in the Project Life is not easy mind frame at the moment. That’s just because I haven’t been doing it consistently, so I may be feeling a little overwhelmed, or possibly even resentful. But this is a project I’ve chosen to do for good reasons, so I’m going to work through my silly issues, and keep going.

The exchange student living with us this year brought a photo book of the early years of his life, along with blank pages, which I can fill up with things we do while he’s here. We’ve done a few fun things that definitely deserve to be added to that.

I can work on pages for my sister. Her kids’ scrapbooks are pretty empty.

I can assemble my December Daily for 2015. I made sure to write every day, but I haven’t printed any photos yet. I don’t like printing at home.

And then there are a bunch of extra pictures that I printed when I ordered photos for Project Life. There are lots of little stories I can tell there.

What will be fun, is turning the prompts that Lain gives us, which this time will have an around the world theme, into stories that work with the photos and projects I have planned.

That’s always the fun part. Making my brain stretch and adapt prompts that may say one thing into something completely my own.

I love LOAD.

A word to the wise: This is the last Layout a Day challenge being headed by Lain Ehmann, who began the whole shebang. There will be future LOADs, but she won’t be running them. If you want to experience an original LOAD, this is your last chance to join up. Sign up here: LOAD 2016

Join us! Take the plunge. It’s not scary. It’s not judgmental. It’s not impossible.

LOAD is permission to scrapbook on a daily basis, in an inspiring, friendly and enthusiastic place. You won’t regret it. I certainly haven’t.

Making Time

Making Time

This past month has been one huge adjustment after another. Getting up every day at 6 am to make sure the big kids make the bus in the morning. Prepping every day to make sure I have a full class’ worth of information for the classes I’m teaching. Constantly reading and planning for said classes.

Scrapbooking and writing seem to have fallen off the radar entirely. At least from the amount of updating that’s been going on here.

But that’s not entirely true.

I’ve made a few pages this month.


I even got a little crazy, and turned the right hand page into a pocket.


Project Life through the beginning of September is almost done. Today or tomorrow I’ll print up September’s photos, and add those in.

I took True Scrap Planner Love and hung out with my friend Colleen while we watched it. I still don’t get the point of decorating a planner, but I did add days of the week stickers to my school planner. Some people might call that progress.

And LOAD begins today. That makes me very happy. Today’s prompt asked, “How are you legendary?” and after a quick text message exchange with my sister, I’m going with bossy.

I LIKE being bossy. As soon as I can find a picture of my sister and me, that’s what today’s page will be about.

And then I’m going to wander the interwebs looking for pictures of castles in the mountains. I’m playing today. No school work, no house work, just research for a story idea. I’m dying to write. Maybe if I get a bunch of research done this month, I can participate in NanoWrimo in November. Then again, maybe I’m just insane to even think about it. On the third hand, nothing’s going to get written if I let school planning hang over every day like a cloud of gloom.

So, even though today has had a less than stellar start, it’s still a new start, and I’m going to run with it. Got any cool pictures of castles in the mountains for me?

LOAD Wrap Up

LOAD Wrap Up

Yesterday was the last day of the Layout a Day challenge run by Lain Ehmann, I’m happy to say I finished the month, with a page made every day.

The prompt for the day, since we usually all get sad about missing everyone once LOAD is over, was to document a book that made us cry.

Well, for me, that would be more like which books don’t make me cry? Seriously.

Since I could probably write a book about things that make me cry, I decided to use the printer for my journaling. And I was feeling a bit better, so was able to explore a little bit of my artsy side as well.

cry baby ||

I went with some misting and enamel dots to suggest the idea of tears, and the doily shapes reminded me of handkerchiefs as well. Although this took longer (had to let the mist dry!) it’s still a super simple page.

One of the biggest benefits of doing LOAD is that you come to find your style. You figure out what works for you, and since you’re scrapbooking so regularly, you have time to experiment as well, which lets you add new things to your style as your tastes change over time.

LOAD is just plain awesome.

Also, you have things like this when you are done:

LOAD 215 pile ||

Doing LOAD makes you feel like you’ve accomplished things, and that’s a good thing. And, unlike laundry, these things stay done. That’s even better, don’t you think?

Ancient Stickers

Ancient Stickers

Yesterday’s prompt was based on a classic — Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The suggestion was to use the title (with relevant adjustments) as a title on a scrapbook page.

This is a fun prompt that you could use for lots of different topics. Think Joe’s Adventures in Driving, or Stacy’s Adventures in Dancing, etc. So many possibilities here!

I chose to not use the exact wording, but stuck with the idea of adventures.

Tractor adventures ||

These are two sides of the same paper, plus a scrap piece from my scrap bin. And, some of the original stickers I got when I first started scrapbooking, back in, say 2002? When my little guy decided he loved construction vehicles.

I’m not super happy with this page. The patterns are too busy, so the embellishments and title get lost on the page. But it does touch on the adventures we had with Lexy on her tractor, so that’s a plus.

Definitely not my favorite page of the month.

One more day! And I think I know what I’m going to make for today. Wish me luck!