Stealing Originality

Stealing Originality

One of the prompts for this month’s LOAD was to scraplift (aka cover a la the music industry) a page from the Flickr gallery where we are all sharing the pages we make this month.

I loved this page by Kelly McCord. Go ahead, click the link and take a look at it. We’ll still be here when you get back.

That page inspired this one:

adore ||

Some of the thought process for you:

Rather than start with a solid color of cardstock as the base, this was built on patterned paper. Pink and blue are the dominant colors, rather than earth tones, since this is a new baby oriented page, and not about animals or nature as the original was.

I started out planning on re-creating the hexagon/triangle strip, but the triangles I made were just too big for the page. Instead of trimming them all down, I went with a single strip of triangles. Since the background is white based, the photo mats/framing are solid colored cardstock to create more contrast.

There’s stamping underneath the paint, and mist splatters and more stamping on top of it as well. The washi tape adds a little more stability to the triangle strip. A few bits of wood veneer and fabric based embellishments add some softness and dimension to the page.

It works pretty well, don’t you think? I think I may be in love with this page. Or maybe not. Maybe I just needed to get out of my scrapbook rut.

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